Your e-mail has changed!



Because on the 12th July 2009 we moved the domain to a new, higher-specification, performance server with free anti-spam and anti-virus. From now on you should receive virtually no viruses and your anti-spam count should go down by at least 80%, if not more. I hope you like the changes.


The biggest change you will notice is that Webmail has undergone a complete re-write. It now contains many more configuration options and features, like a Calendar, amongst other things!

Do I need to change anything?


Webmail Users

If you used to log into Webmail using just your username, you should from now on mog in using your full email address. So, if your email address is, your Username is now, it is no longer fred.

Desktop Email Users

If you use an email client like Thunderbird, Outlook Express or Windows Mail, go into your account properties and check that the Username is your complete email address, not just the name before the '@'. So, if your email address is, your Username is now, it is no longer fred.

Check that in the Advanced Settings for your Outgoing server you have Authentication set to YES or ON, using same settings as Outgoing Server.

Your mail servers are:

  Incoming (POP3):
Outgoing (SMTP):

Your Mail Password:
the new server may reject your old password. If this is the case please contact me and have your password ready and I will reset it.

If you have any problems with these changes to the way you collect your email, please just get in touch with me.

Best wishes

Frank Wognum

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